Frequently asked questions

How do you determine if a child is old enough for the program?

We follow the Maryland State Department of Education guidelines for birthdays to determine enrollment age. For the 3's, a child must be 3 before September 1st of the enrollment year. For the 4's, a child must be 4 by the same date.

Does my child have to be toilet trained before beginning the program?

Yes. Children should be able to independently use the bathroom.

Do you take field trips?

Yes! Noah's Ark does not provide transportation for students. Therefore, our trips are always family friendly! We try to plan trips as far in advance as possible. (PLEASE NOTE: During the COVID-19 pandemic we are not scheduling field trips. We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.)

Does your program help students with kindergarten readiness?

Yes! By the end of the 4's program, it is our goal to help your child be prepared for kindergarten. Our program aims to develop the following skills: - recognize and print first/last name - know address/phone number/birthday - recite the days of the week in order - draw basic shapes, people, and faces - hold a pencil correctly and correctly cut with scissors - count and recognize numbers up to 15 - put numbers 1-15 in order - understand opposites - identify rhyming words - complete patterns - recognize lower and upper case letters - know letter sounds - identify the first leter of words - read sight/reading words - retell a sequence of events

Are homemade treats allowed for birthday celebrations?

Students are welcome to celebrate their birthday with their class. Any treats must be store purchased with a clear listing of ingredients in accordance with regulations from the Office of Child Care.

Can I arrange for alternate pick-ups for my child?

If you are unable to pick up your child and need to let us know someone else will be picking them up, or if you need to contact the staff immediately in case of emergency, please call the direct line in the classroom at (410) 592-2141. Whenever possible, please provide advance written notice of alternate pickup arrangements. Driver's licenses are needed for alternate pickups as we will check ID.

What happens if I am late to pick up my child?

While we understand that traffic and emergencies do occur, each child must be promptly picked up at dismissal. Fees may be incurred for late pickups.

Do you have snack time?

Snack time promotes good eating habits and social graces. For the 3's and the first part of the 4's program, snacks should be sent from home daily in an easy to open lunch box, and consist of one snack and a drink. When the 4's transition to the extended day program, lunch should be sent in an easy to open lunchbox. Snack duty for 4's in the extended day is shared among the program's families.