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Friends of Noah's Ark: 

It is with great sadness we announce Noah’s Ark Children’s Center has closed its doors effective May 21, 2021 after many years of faithful service to Upper Falls, Kingsville, and the surrounding communities. We shouldn't lose sight of the symbolism of Noah's Ark in this context.  The Bible illustrates that Noah's Ark was more than just a boat and animals - it was a way to move forward when it felt as though all was lost.  Through Noah and the ark, God gave us a beautiful symbol of His faithfulness and commitment to us.  It is with faith in His commitment we take solace in the difficult decision to have to close our program.


While we do not know exactly what the future holds for the Noah's Ark program, we are hoping that what looks like an end may be only the beginning of something new.  Salem United Methodist Church is committed to serving the families of our community - if not through what we traditionally know our Noah's Ark program to be, then through a new version of it to meet the needs of our community in a post-COVID environment.  We thank you for supporting Noah’s Ark with your enrollment and prayers and will always hold you all close to our hearts. 

With our most sincere thanks,


The Noah's Ark Board of Directors

Rev. Dr. Stacey Nickerson, Carla Frisch, Judy Jones, Tara Kully, and Millie Wagaman